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Your music…


You’ve written the songs. You’ve designed and produced your album.
You’ve invested time, a lot of money, passion and hope . . . and finally
your CD is ready for release.45_jacket

But … labels aren’t signing, agents aren’t booking, music stores are closing. How do I reach an audience with my music?

“Nothing happens when your music sits in a box in your garage.”

FACT: Radio still prefers getting your music as a hi-res CD verses low res MP3. Digital delivery is not only lower quality, it clutters up a DJs inbox and the chances of them opening/downloading/reviewing/saving/filing and then playing your track is slim to none.

“Most stations prefer physical CDs or vinyl to digital copies, and full length CDs to singles. Don’t bother sending a full press kit.” Eric Wolff KCSB FM community radio Santa Barbara, CA.

Are you having trouble getting your music heard? Having trouble finding the stations and DJs who play independent acoustic music? Overwhelmed by the cost of sending your package to a station just to have it pile up on a music director’s desk?

You’re not alone. We can help.

Now you can release an “acoustic single” from your CD worldwide on a professional music director’s service, plus get a complete tracking report of the airplay. The Acoustic Rainbow Radio Sampler not only help get you a tremendous amount of extra airplay and exposure (think of the hundreds of radio shows that DON’T report to the trades!), but it can also save you a huge amount of money in the process.


18 Songs from 18 Albums by 18 Different Artists sent to Radio Worldwide

Choose the Acoustic Rainbow Sampler service that works best for you:

1) The Acoustic Rainbow ROOTS MUSIC Sampler: is a multi-genre CD and shipped to 1,286 radio shows on over 1,000 stations in North America, England, Canada, Australia, Europe, Ireland, Asia and South America who specifically program acoustic music of many genres and styles. The AR ROOTS Sampler presents the best singles from the best artists of blues to progressive new-grass, folk, Celtic, Folk Rock, AAA and Americana. It is the most cost-effective way available for any acoustic artist to reach this many radio shows, DJ’s, music directors and programmers worldwide with their music. We can also release your completed CD to all these radio stations much cheaper than you can do it on your own. Click here to find out more:

2) The Acoustic Rainbow BLUEGRASS & OLD-TIME MUSIC Sampler: is designed for use by labels and artists to specifically reach traditional bluegrass and old-time music DJs. This sampler is shipped to over 800 radio shows in North America, Canada, England, Australia, and Europe. The AR BLUEGRASS Sampler is the most cost-effective way for any traditional bluegrass and old-time artist to reach this many radio shows, DJ’s, music directors and programmers worldwide with their music. We can also release a SINGLE from your album, followed by the release of your FULL CD much cheaper than you can do on your own. Click here to find out more:

DO NOT SEND MONEY … Mail your CD for review today (this is a FREE service): Acoustic Rainbow, P.O. Box 200, Lexington, KY, 40588-0200

SAMPLER PACKAGE PRICING: Does your album cross formats? We can help. Call us for package pricing to use BOTH SAMPLERS to promote your new CD.

FULL CD SERVICING to radio is also available. The service includes a) your single, b) plus an advertising panel on the AR Sampler jacket, c) followed by the full CD servicing of your new album the the entire worldwide radio list on either the ROOTs, BGRASS … or both Samplers. Save on the huge costs of sending your CD to roots radio. We can help, call us with any questions: 859-255-5700 M-F, 10-5PM EST!

Questions? Call us: 859-255-5700 M-F 10-5PM EDT or email:


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The ACOUSTIC RAINBOW Samplers can send your full CD to radio worldwide and save you hundreds of dollars in mailing costs!

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