Roots V50

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Here are the artists presenting singles from their new albums of volume 50. For a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD link to volume 50 click here


JUDY COLLINS feat. Jonas Fjeld & Chatham County Line – Mountain Girl
TRT: 4:45 INTRO :11 END: cold UPTEMPO

TRT: 8:58 INTRO: cold END: cold MEDIUM

ZACH & MAGGIE – Western Wind
TRT: 4:09 INTRO :27 END: cold UPTEMPO


KATE MAGDALENA – The Water Is Wide
TRT: 4:08 INTRO :41 END: cold BALLAD

JIM RATTS and Runaway Express – Quincy
TRT: 3:58 INTRO :32 END: cold UPTEMPO

BOB ROWE – This Train
TRT: 3:33 INTRO :19 END: cold MEDIUM

TRT: 2:55 INTRO :03 END: cold MEDIUM

TRT: 3:28 INTRO :06 END: cold MEDIUM

JIM GAUDET – Hold On – A Father’s Lament
TRT: 3:32 INTRO :15 END: cold UPTEMPO

WILLY BLIZZARD – Tennessee Tonight
TRT: 4:24 INTRO :18 END: cold MEDIUM

DUNCAN LORIMER – That Someone Is You
TRT: 2:59 INTRO :22 END: cold UPTEMPO

PAUL WOOLNER feat. Live The Dash – Let The Dreams Come
TRT: 3:55 INTRO :17 END: fade MEDIUM

STAN BEINSTEIN – The Last Bookstore
TRT: 2:34 INTRO :cold END: cold MEDIUM

MARC SLOAN – Freight Train Blues
TRT: 3:53 INTRO :18 END: cold UPTEMPO

ROCKY MICHAELS – The Great American Dream
TRT: 4:59 INTRO :11 END: cold MEDIUM




Format: Folk Artist: Judy Collins
Song: Mountain Girl CD: Winter Stories
It’s an honor to share an original track from her new CD featuring Norwegian folk artist Jonas Fjeld and the bluegrass band Chatham County Line. It is a swirling mix of new originals and classic covers.
Email: Katherine@Artist.Vision
Wildflower Records/Cleopatra, PO Box 1296, NY, NY 10025

Format: Folk Rock/Americana Artist: Michael Johnathon
Song: Legacy CD: Legacy
The title song to Michael’s 15th album is an epic, original, 9-minute rocking journey through the world of music from Pete Seeger to Josh White, Joni Mitchel to the Kingston Trio, Dylan to Denver and more in the context of a collapsing record industry.
Contact: PoetMan Records, PO Box 200, Lexington, KY 40588

Format: Americana Artist: Zach & Maggie
Song: Western Wind CD: Zach & Maggie
Zach & Maggie has been on the forefront of the Folk music scene is Nashville for almost a decade. This track is off their first ever CD which showcases their unique storytelling songs with instrumental complexity.
Contact: Zach White, 1224 Dempsey Drive, Nashville, TN 37217

Format: Singer/Songwriter Artist: The Joedai Warriors
Song: Kingdom Come CD: So It Goes
Joe Peters delivers introspective writing with a trance blues groove on this cut. Produced by award winning guitar player Michael Kelsey, the rest of the CD is just as adventurous. An excellent album!
Joe Peters, 2600 Ptarmingan Drive #1, Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Format: Folk Artist: Kate Magdalena
Song: The Water Is Wide CD: Digital Single
This Bay Area folksinger returns to the Acoustic Rainbow with a stunning version of this timeless song. It features a lush arrangement and Kate’s vocals which reminded us Eva Cassidy. Look for more new music from Kate this year.
Contact: Kate Magdalena, 6468 Lone Pine Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Format: Americana Artist: Jim Ratts and Runaway Express
Song: Quincy CD: Celebrate Woodstock 2020
This is from Jim’s new album ‘Celebrate Woodstock’. It’s a theatrical and moving tribute to the ’60s featuring 12 originals and another 40 tunes from the period. His previous release ‘Small Towns’ is included in this AR50 mailing.
Contact: Jim Ratts

Format: Americana Artist: Bob Rowe
Song: This Train CD: Higher Ground
The award winning songwriter returns with a unique reinterpretation of a traditional tune originally cut by Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Bob’s version features some honky tonk guitar and a little bit of a train going down the tracks feel.
Contact: September Records, 901 Lay Blvd, Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Format: Americana Artist: John Batdorf
Song: Broken CD: Digital Single
John was part of the the folk rock duo Batdorf and Rodney and lead singer of the group Silver whose hit “Wham Bam” was part of the soundtrack for Guardian’s of the Galaxy II. He is still recording after nearly 50 years.
Bat Mac Music, 705 Wildwood Falls Court, Bedmond, OR 97756

Format: Singer/Songwriter Artist: Sarah Goslee Reed
Song: Yellowbud CD: Sleep Like Fish
Based in Central Ohio, this track celebrates the birth of her granddaughter but was inspired by the name of a small town between Columbus and Chillicothe on Route 104. Perfect for spring. It’s from her sixth solo CD.
Sarah Goslee Reed, 1102 New Gambier Rd, Mount Vernon, OH 43050

Format: Americana Artist: Jim Gaudet
Song: Hold On – A Father’s Lament CD: Real Stories and Other Tall Tales
As a songwriter, Gaudet often focuses on narratives of those living on the wrong side of the law and he continues this lyrical subject on this stellar cut. His organic vocals and unsupervised guitar style, draws you into whatever story he’s telling.
Contact: Jim Gaudet, 10 Kakely Street, Albany, NY 12208

Format: Americana Artist: Willy Blizzard
Song: Tennessee Tonight CD: Armadillo Road
Willy Blizzard is a Canadian West Coast trio with trademark harmonies backed by the warmth of standup bass, acoustic and electric guitars.. Their new album features some Southern influences as well as songs true to their Northern roots.
John Hough, 123-3440 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6R 4R2

Format: Jazz Artist: Duncan Lorimer
Song: That Someone Is You CD: This World Of Ours
Described as a musician trapped in an astronomer’s body and originally from the UK, Duncan is based in Morgantown, WV. This track is the opening cut from his debut CD of original songs covering folk, jazz, pop and country.
Contact: Cedar Records, 425 Cedar Street, Morgantown, WV 26501


Format: Folk Rock Artist: Paul Woolner + Live The Dash
Song: Let The Dreams Come CD: Live The Dash
Paul bring his music music to life with his band on this musical polaroid of street life in a small Mexican town. The catchy arrangement in anchored by the ukulele and the chorus is a wish for blessings in a challenging world.
Paul Woolner, 70 Riverwood, Parkway, Toronto, ON, Canada N8Y 4E6

Format: Singer/Songwriter Artist: Stan Beinstein
Song: The Last Bookstore CD: Senior Moments
Pronounced BINE-STEEN, Stan was in radio for 40 years and now gets to be on the artist side with debut album. This one is an old west vs new west metaphor about looking back to see what’s coming.
Beanspace Records, 110 Frost Hill Rd, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

Format: Americana Artist: Marc Sloan
Song: Freight Train Blues CD: Portrait Of The Musician As Forever Moonlight
World guitar music from the former East vintage CBGBs musician. This is new acoustic folk rock blues with a flamenco tinge. Call it “Juerga Americana.” Recommend for fans of the guitar.
Contact: Marc Sloan, 630 West Lafayette Street, Easton, PA 18042

Format: Singer/Songwriter Artist: Rocky Michaels
Song: The Great American Dream CD: Digital Single
Rocky is an acoustic singer-songwriter that has been able to tap into his life experiences to offer honest lyrics in his storytelling. His uplifting folk anthem here looks at America’s troubled times and needs to be heard.
Contact: Rocky Michaels Music, PO Box 2686, Danville, CA 94526