Roots 51

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Format: Singer/Songwriter Artist: Don McLean
Song: Vincent CD: Rear View Mirror
America’s Troubadour Don McLean shares a rare 1974 live release of his iconic masterpiece Vincent. Don is celebrating the digital release of his recordings via Time Life.
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©2005/Don McLean/Starry Night Music, Inc./The Music Force Media Group LLC

Format: Americana Artist: Bill Hudson
Song: Cookin’ In The Kitchen CD: Toshi’s Garden
Bill serves up some this delightful toe tapper from his next CD. He’s been using his music for good for decades while performing with the likes of Pete Seeger and Rev. Kirkpatrick.
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©2020/Bill Hudson/BMI

Format: Americana Artist: Ashley Davis
Song: The Dry Cloud (How Will I Live Out My Days) Feat. Tim O’Brien CD: When the Stars Went Out
Celtic and Roots singer-songwriter Ashley Davis, teams up with Tim O’Brien and Duncan Wickel for the first single off the Ashley Davis Band’s new album.
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©2020/Ashley Davis & Duncan Wickel/ASCAP

Format: Americana Artist: Mike Thomas
Song: Sure Feels Right CD: Three Reasons
Described as “eclectic country with a vintage vibe,” Mike brings back the golden days of country music with his new LP. Look for Mike’s full album in the next Acoustic Rainbow.
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©2020/M.W. Thomas Music/H.E. Jones Publishing/BMI

Format: Americana Artist: Lyn Avenue
Song: Hurricane Bride CD: Sophisticated
Born and raised in Savannah, GA, this husband and wife duo brings compelling stories with genuine southern charm. Driven by rich vocals, this duo is authentic country music.
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©2019/Lyn Avenue/CD Baby Alpha Music/ASCAP

Format: Americana Artist: Karl de Serres
Song: Leave it Behind CD: Gentle Tides
This singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada latest is a rousing riff from his strong second album and perfect for your roots music playlist.
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©2020/Karl de Serres/SOCAN

Format: Americana Artist: Kate Magdalena
Song: The Waking CD: The Water Is Wide
This Bay Area singer-songwriter sets one of American poet Theodore Roethke’s poems to a perfect musical bed for Roethke’s words and Kate’s ethereal vocals.
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©2020/Kate Magdalena/Kate Magdalena Music LLC/ASCAP

Format: Americana Artist: Rio King
Song: That Window Closes Fast CD: Window into Texas
This native Texan, backed with Grammy winning Austin studio aces, sings from a lifetime of experiences through the Red River Valley to the High Plains, West Texas to the Piney Woods.
Phone: (972) 424-0309 Email:
©2020/Rio King/BMI

Format: Americana Artist: Glass City Special Band
Song: Rubber Dolly CD: Galax to Toledo Tracks
This track showcases the band’s front porch energy and joyful vocals. Led by fiery fiddler and singer Tierra Raiti, this family-style bluegrass band just released their debut CD.
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©2020/Public Domain

Format: Americana Artist: Britton Deuel
Song: Whispers CD: Sundowner
Originally hailing from Nebraska, Deuel captures his own brand of folk lyricism and a touch of country. He draws inspiration from greats like Van Zandt but is uniquely his own.
©2020/Britton Deuel/BMI

Format: Americana Artist: dirtydogs
Song: Just Another Day CD: Under The Hill
dirtydogs is a throwback band from San Pedro, California with radio-friendly, well written laid back acoustic gems that your audience will be humming all day.
Phone: (619) 991-6654 Email:
©2020/dirtydogs/Under The Hill

Format: Singer/Songwriter Artist: Stephen Riddell
Song: Buddha of the Backwoods CD: Sonic Spaces
Stephen is a multi-instrumentalist based in Welllington, New Zealand. He’s also a filmmaker drawn to the idea of telling stories through his songs. Think Nick Drake meets Son House.
Phone: +64212239807 Email:
©2020/Stephen Riddell/Riddell Productions/APRA

Format: Americana Artist: Norman Collins & The Tumblers
Song: Battle of the Bands CD: In the Picture
His music is a nice blend of rock, blues and country. Stories unfold with touching lyrics about everyday people. This “Devil Went Down to Georgia meets Led Zeppelin” is an epic cut.
Phone: (415) 724-5176 Email:
©2020/Norman Collins/Pocket Puffs/ASCAP

Format: Singer/Songwriter Artist: Chester Bryan Jetton
Song: She Feeds The Pigeons CD: Howl At The Moon
This “regular guy” from Arkansas has a real knack for setting a scene as demonstrated here on this meditative track that hooks you from the opening line.
Phone: (870) 476-6901 Email:
©2019/Chester Bryan Jetton

Format: Americana Artist: David McLachlan
Song: Where My Heart Will Go CD: Heartache Motel
David sings heartfelt insightful songs that reflect life and its lessons. A prolific songwriter, his original compositions can be found on eight albums recorded in Toronto and Nashville.
Phone: (647) 210-1058 Email:
©2020/David McLachlan/Handy Publ/SOCAN

Format: Folk Artist: Last Chance
Song: Summer in the Night CD: Summer Again
Based in Philadelphia, Jack and Ingrid perform as “Last Chance” to remind them it’s their last chance to play the music they love. Their new CD is filled with honest and handcrafted songs.
Phone: (610) 635-9742 Email:
©2020/Jack Scott

Format: Americana Artist: Pake Rossi
Song: Long Overdue CD: Lord Above Devil Below
Pake Rossi writes beautiful and romantic ballads that feel authentic and lived in. With four studio albums under his belt, he delivers a wonderful radio-ready album.
Phone: (956) 693-7713 Email:
©2020/William Pake Rossi/Paplatemusic/BMI

Format: Americana Artist: Hank Quillen
Song: Where I’m From CD: A Southern Style River Revival Volume 1
Recorded during the lockdown, this Nashville songwriter blends blues rock with country soul. His new double album release contains 18 songs including this Americana gem.
Phone: (615) 339-6838 Email:
©2020/Hank Quillen/BMI