Roots v. 46


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Artist:  Judy Collins and Ari Hest
Song:  The Weight      CD:  Silver Skies Blue
The endlessly prolific Judy Collins has partnered with Singer-songwriter Ari Hest. ‘Silver Skies Blue’ is a fresh, new collection that marks a first for Judy: an album of songs co-written by her and a partner that were crafted and sung together.
Contact: Wildflower Records/Cleopatra Records, PO Box 1296, NY, NY 10025

Artist:  Terry Winchell
Song:  That Good Feeling    CD:  Blue Flower
With it’s playful, catchy groove and Terry’s sumptuous voice, this song takes us on a journey under the stars through the freedom of the open road. The CD is filled to the brim with radio ready originals.
Contact: Woodzilla Records/Terry Winchell, PO Box 160602 Austin TX, 78716

Artist:  Pine Street Ramblers
Song:  High Wind    CD:  Hazy Shade of Gold
Straight from the hills of California the Pine Street Ramblers bring you Foot-Stompin’-Good-Timin’ roots music.  They showcase their songwriting prowess and remarkable instrumental chops through an eclectic and high-energy sound.
Contact: JD Gardemeyer, 2455 Meadow Vista Road, Meadow Vista, CA 95722

Artist:  Hot Steel & Cool Ukulele
Song:  Tropical Swing    CD:  Tropical Swing
This West Coast group features classic songs by swing bands who entertained the ballrooms the decades before World War I, anchored by Erich Sylvester’s cool ukulele and breezy vocals. We loved this album and your listeners will, too!
Contact: Erich Sylvester, 811 Quarry Road, Unit B, San Francisco CA 94129

Artist:  The Brothers Reed
Song:  Lonesome Bird    CD:  Monster In My Head
The Brothers Reed are an Americana duo hailing from the pine forests of Southern Oregon. This fine track is a waltz harkening back to a time when folks gathered on their porches to pick strings and lament over changing times.
Contact: Aaron Reed, 140 Alida Street, Ashland, OR, 97520

Artist:  Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford
Song:  My Train    CD:  Threads of Gold
A hard driving synergy of barrelhouse and bluegrass music with powerful lyrics, female vocals, and harmonica. The full album and info on Phil’s book The Jackson Project (Univ. of TN Press) is included in this mailing.
Contact: Hard Miles Music, PO Box 23, Prospect Hill, NC 27314

Artist:  Ben Steadman
Song:  The Loner    CD:  Mortal Freaks
A powerful Mississippi roots artist, this track weaves itself through the fibers of what it means to be human with masterful guitars and touching lyrics that leave the listener keen for another spin. Look for the full album in the next sampler mailing.
Contact: Skeeter Hawk Records, 4038 Hemingway Ave., Memphis, TN 38128

Artist:  Solomon Cook
Song:  I’m Tryin’    CD:  Notes Sweet and Low
A collaboration of Colorado songwriter Rob Solomon and Tim Cook of the Subdudes, their voices blend together to create a sweet harmony style and showcase their deep songwriting skills, often described as “western soul.”
Contact: Rob Solomon, 516 E. Stirrup Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80108

Artist:  Dan & Faith
Song:  On My Way    CD:  Seeking
In a world swirling in chaos, this Massachusettes-based husband and wife deliver a powerful folk anthem united in song on the journey to peace and freedom. The album is a welcome and needed message for all.
Contact: Daniel Senie, 324 Still River Road, Bolton, MA 01740

Artist:  Bob Rowe
Song:  Alberta, Alberta    CD:  Legacy
Bob’s lengthy career has garnered him numerous music and humanitarian awards. His latest album is a celebration of those folk roots heard here with his spirited take of one of Lead Belly’s classic tune.
Contact: September Records, 901 Lay Blvd., Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Artist:  Bill Steely & Where’s Dave
Song:  Karma    CD:  This is Love
This New York songwriter offers a thoughtful rendition of “what comes around goes around.”  His fifth full length CD, included in this mailing, presents a distinctly Americana line-up that embodies the roots foundation of his songs.
Contact: Sky Llama Duck Records, PO Box 1021, Larchmont, NY 10538

Artist:  Lynn McCracken
Song:  I Wrote You A Letter    CD:  I Wrote You A Letter
Therapist by day, songwriter by night, Lynn is passionate about the healing power of music and uses lyrics and songwriting to help people express emotions and connect with others. An inspiring album produced by Tom Prasada-Rao.
Contact: Lynn McCracken, 313 Shady Hill Drive, Richardson, TX 75080

Artist:  Neil Stephen Morris
Song:  Television Man    CD:  All Over The World
A funny song from the mountains of a Western Carolina, Neil crafts an offbeat tune of a man zombified by his TV as the world passes by. It’s a wry take on our screen addicted culture. Check out his full album included in this mailing.
Contact: Big Hungry Music, 960 Barclay Road, Brevard, NC 28712

Artist:  Denny Tilton
Song:  The Great Compromise    CD:  Anticipating Flowers
With members of Railroad Earth along for the ride, this native New Jersey songwriter presents a driving roots tune with soaring melodies, uplifting message and well-crafted lyrics. The album is full of Denny’s thought provoking Americana.
Contact: SPI, 1 North Shore Trail, Sparta, NJ 07871

Artist:  Rob Harris
Song:  How To Bend    CD:  Winnebago
Rob Harris is a Nashville-based artist. Garth Brooks describes the song featured on this sampler, as “…a beautiful sentiment, a timeless message and a great song.” High praise and we think you will love the entire album.
Contact: Wayne Manor Records, 1823 O’Reilly Circle, Spring Hill, TN 37174

Artist:  Solos Absurdos
Song:  What Remains    CD:  In Absencia
Your listeners will be transfixed by the sonic textures from this NYC’s indie band’s single from their second album. Eclectic, genre bending, folk rock and roll, pop, punk and acoustic pop. Strongly recommend, a great radio CD.
Contact: Lee Moran Records, 75 West End Avenue, Apt. P 196, NY, NY 10023

Artist:  Doug Figgs

Song:  Old New Mexico Moon    CD:  A Cowboy Like Me
Doug Figgs brings the romance of the old West to life in this song from his latest CD. The track merges the old Spanish culture with that of the Southwestern cowboy. This album overflows with Southwestern flavor.
Contact: Doug Figgs, PO Box 3, Lemitar, NM 87823

Artist:  Prinz Grizzley
Song:  Fiery Eyes    CD:  Wide Open Country EP
This haunting tune comes directly out of the mountains of his native Austria. Stubborn, yet tender. Email today to hear more from this songwriter with a hint of international flavor … we highly recommend this radio-ready album.
Email Contact: Chris Comper, Austria –