Roots v48



Format:  Americana

Artist:  Tommy Emmanuel featuring Jake Shimabukuro

Song:  Rachel’s Lullaby

CD:  Accomplice One

Tommy is widely acknowledged as the international master of the solo acoustic guitar. His new duet album features some of today’s most respected performers. Here, he reunites with Hawaiian ukulele master Jake Shimabukuro with a song written for Tommy’s youngest daughter.


Contact: Renee Penix, CGP Sounds, Wisteria Drive, Franklin, TN 37064



Artist:  Michael Johnathon

Song:  Mousie HiWay

CD:  Mousie HiWay

From Michael’s new children’s book about a banjo playing mouse that travels across Appalachia, meeting new friends and forming a bluegrass band. Features dobro master Rob Ickes, the McLain Family and encourages kids to play music!


Contact: PoetManRecords, PO Box 200, Lexington, KY 40588


Format:  Folk

Artist:  Ynana Rose

Song:  Golden

CD:  Ynana Rose

Ynana is an award winning songwriter with a soulful voice that crosses genres with ease and has a passion to connect with people through music. Her debut album is a finely crafted offering of acoustic Americana music.


Contact: Ynana Rose, 1594 Lizzie Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Darren Senn

Song:  Before The World Blows Up

CD:  Detrimental Tendencies

Exploring the contrast between the dark and light, this Nevada storyteller hits his stride on his first full length album with a band. The toe-tapping, seize-the-moment message of this one delivers a healthy dose of humor to soften to blow.


Contact: Darren Senn, PO Box 2610, Stateline, NV 89449


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Looping Brothers

Song:  Long Gone Lonesome Blues

CD:  Wrong Road Again

The Looping Brothers are one of Europe’s most respected and beloved bluegrass bands and recently put out collection of long time roots favorites. Here they cross Hank Sr. with their unique German high lonesome bluegrass sound.


Contact: Looping Brothers, Ziegelstr. 3, 49088 Osnabruck, Germany


Format:  AAA/Americana

Artist:  The Woodpickers

Song:  Bakelite Babies

CD:  Turning Blue

Over the past 20 years, this group, lead by musician/songwriter John Murphy, have specialized in Australian Roots Music. This upbeat ditty, sung by Australian Mark O’Connor, is nostalgic look back at the baby boomers and a changing world.


Contact: John Murphy, PO Box 61, Wentworth Falls, NSW 2782, Australia


Format:  Singer/Songwriter

Artist:  Erin Bode

Song:  Whatever’s Written in Your Heart

CD:  Here & Now

Erin collaborated with produced and bassist Victor Krauss for this treasured collection of songs from writers like Irvin Berlin, Frank Loesser, Rickie Lee Jones, and more. Legendary Scottish songwriter Gerry Rafforty penned this one.


Contact: Erin Bode, 442 Oak Street, St. Louis, MO 63119


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Rick Lang

Song:  Shipwreck of Love

CD:  The Undertow

Master storyteller Rick Lang’s latest album is an ambitious collection of folk & bluegrass influenced songs inspired by the sea. The full album, included in this mailing, is woven together like a fine tapestry and is a folk roots masterwork.


Contact: RLM Records, PO Box 424, Kingston, NM 03848


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Will Overman

Song:  Crossroads

CD:  Crossroads

Overman draws deeply from his Virginia roots, blending elements of rock, folk, and country wrapped in a thin varnish of pop sensibility and incomparable voice. His storytelling and introspective melodies takes center stage on this track.


Contact: Will Overman, 1021 Bay Colony Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Charly Markwart

Song:  Here Come the Blues All Over

CD:  No Direction Home

Michigan singer/songwriter began her musical journey tracing the roots of America’s music in the mountains of Southern Appalachia. As she emerges as an Americana artist, Charly is pure brand Americana with Appalachian tones.


Contact: Poor Valley Music, 320 Grape Street, Portland, MI 48875


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Reagan Hudson

Song:  Fetch My Gretsch

CD:  Broken Pieces

This North Carolina guitar ace has played in a number of country and bluegrass bands and this fun tune is a Rockabilly Call-to-Guitar. From Heartaches to Honky Tonkin’ on Saturday night to trying to get sober the next month. CD covers it all.


Contact: Reagan Hudson, 7204 Old Laurel Road, Vale, NC 28168


Format:  Folk

Artist:  Kate Magdalena

Song:  Sea Fever

CD:  Acquainted With the Night

Kate sings out tones of earth and heaven. She weaves poetry, praise, and protests together with soaring vocals and the stunning accompaniment of John Burger on violin and Nina Gerber on lead guitar. Full CD included in next mailing.


Contact: Kate Magdalena, 6468 Lone Pine Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472


Format:  Singer/Songwriter

Artist:  Bob Rowe

Song:  Portraits

CD:  Higher Ground

Bob Rowe has had a stellar career in folk, gospel & traditional country music with 23 albums to his credit and features in national press. This socially conscious original is a cozy folk-pop tune with some cool subtly funk electric guitar work.


Contact: September Records, 901 Lay Blvd, Kalamazoo, MI 49001


Format:  Singer/Songwriter

Artist:  Susanna Rich

Song:  Nicole Brown Simpson to OJ (20th Century Othello)

CD:  Shakespeare’s *itches: The Women Sing Out

This Emmy-nominated songwriter has written one of the most unique and dramatic tracks that have ever crossed our desk. It’s a modern Shakespearian cabaret from Nicole Brown Simpson point of view and OJ as Othello.


Contact: Wild Night Productions, 31 Maines Lane, Blairstown, NJ 07825


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Leo Harmonay

Song:  Dirty River Town

CD:  The Blink of an Eye

This high-rise construction manager in NYC has started to make some waves in the roots scene with his honest folk tinged tunes. Based in the Hudson Valley area, this track has an autobiographical vibe with universal appeal.


Contact: Leo Harmonay, 329 Smith Street, Peekskill, NY 10560


Format:  Singer/Songwriter

Artist:  Will Baird

Song:  Black and Blue

CD:  Coyote Dreams

This singer/songwriter delivers heartfelt songs with an engaging stage presence. His rich vocals and resonant guitar style bring life to songs that are well crafted and wrapped around original ideas and strong hooks.


Contact: Will Baird, 97 Richards Avenue #A5, Norwalk, CT 06854


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Raven and Red

Song:  Living and Loving You

CD:  We Rise Up

From this award winning Folk/Americana trio, now based in Nashville TN, comes a tune about coming to one of life’s crossroads. The album combines elements from all their different influences to create the trio’s genre-crossing sound.


Contact: Mitchell Lane, 500 Rolling Mill Hill Road #210, Nashville, TN 37210


Format:  Americana

Artist:  Pat Johnson

Song:  Hank and Tee Tot

CD:  Stumps

Canadian Pat Johnson wrote this 8 bar Bar blues with an old-school country shuffle after years of bingeing on Randy Newman, Ry Cooder and Bruce Cockburn records. His 3rd solo album ranges from the front porch and beyond.


Contact: Pat Johnson, 582 County Park Road, Athens, ON Canada K0E 1B0